A True Muslim (Part 1)


A True Muslim (Part 1)

Our Prophet (sall-Allâhu ‘alaihi wa sallam) declared: “I have been sent down to perfect virtue and to spread beautiful morals over the world.’ Another hadîth-i-sherîf states: “Among you, the ones with perfect morality are the ones with an elevated faith.” Therefore, even faith is measured by morality.
Spiritual purity is essential for a Muslim. A person who lies, who cheats, deceives others, who is cruel, unjust, who shirks from helping his co-religionists, who assumes superiority, who thinks only of his advantages, is not a true Muslim, no matter how much he worships. The exalted meaning of the first three verses in Chapter (sûra) Mâ’ûn is: “O! My Messenger! Have you seen someone who denies the Judgement, puts the orphan aside with harshness, does not give their rights, and does not encourage others to feed the needy?” The worships of such people are not accepted. In Islam, keeping away from the prohibitions (harâm) takes precedence over doing the commandments (fards). A true Muslim is, first of all, a perfect and mature person. He has a smiling face. He is a honeytongued man who tells the truth. He never knows what it is “to be angry.” Rasûlullah (Hadrat Muhammad [sall-Allâhu ‘alaihi wa sallam]) declared: “The person given mildness is the one endowed with the goodness of this world and the Hereafter.” 19694731-Vector-of-traditional-Persian-Arabic-Turkish-Islamic-Pattern--Stock-Vector

A Muslim is extremely modest. He listens to everyone who consults him and helps them as far as possible. A Muslim is dignified and polite. He loves his family and his country. Our Prophet (sall-Allâhu ‘alaihi wa sallam) declares: “Your love of country originates from your fatih.” That is why, when the government fights against aggressors, a Muslim does his military service willingly. It says as follows in a work written by a German priest in 1560, which has been mentioned above: “Now I’ve understood why the Muslim Turks overcame us in all our expeditions. Whenever there is a holy war here, the Muslims immediately take up their arms, fight and die willingly for the sake of their country and religion. They believe that those who die in a holy war will go to Paradise. In contrast, in our country, when there is a likelihood of war, everyone looks for a hiding place lest they should be enrolled in the army. And those who are recruited by force fight reluctantly.


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