Allâhu Ta’âlâ Is Not With Place


Allâhu Ta’âlâ Is Not With Place

Hadrat Imâm-i Rabbânî says in the 67th letter of the second volume of his Maktûbât:

Allâhu ta’âlâ is not with time, with place or with direction. He is not at a place or at any side. He created time, places and directions. An ignorant person thinks that He is up on the Arsh. The Arsh, beings above it and below it are all His creatures. He created all these afterwards. Can something which has been created afterwards ever be a place for One who is eternal and always exists? Only, the Arsh is the most honoured of creatures. It is purer and more lightsome than anything else. Therefore, it is like a mirror. The greatness of Allâhu ta’âlâ is seen there. Hence, it is called Arshullah. But with relation to Allâhu ta’âlâ the Arsh is like other things. They are all His creatures. Only, the Arsh is like a mirror. Other things do not have this ability. Can a man seen in a mirror be said to be in the mirror? Man’s relation to the mirror is like his relation to other things. Man’s relation to all is the same. Only, there is a difference between the mirror and other things. The mirror can reflect man’s image while other things cannot.


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