Amr-i Ma’ruf


The basis of the Islamic religion is to learn and teach îmân, the fard and harâm. Allâhu ta’âlâ has sent Prophets (‘alaihimussalawâtu wattaslîmât) for this purpose. When these tenets are not taught to youngsters, Islam will be demolished and annihilated. Allâhu ta’âlâ commands Muslims to do Amr-i ma’rûf. That is, He says, “Communicate and teach my commands.” And He commands them to do Nahy-i anil-munkar. That is, He says, “Communicate my prohibitions and do not condone their being done.”

Our Prophet said, “Teach Islam to one another! If you give up Amr-i ma’rûf, Allâhu ta’âlâ will send the worst among you upon you and He will not accept your prayers.” And he said, “The reward that is given to all worships when compared with the reward given for the ghazâ (war in the way of Allah) will be as much as a drop of water compared to an ocean; and the reward given for ghazâ, versus the reward given for Amr-i-ma’rûf and Nahy-i-munkar, is like a drop of water versus an ocean.” It is for this reason that Ibni Âbidîn says at the end of the fifth volume, “The thawâb for a fiqh savant’s helping Muslims is more than the thawâb of jihâd.”


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