Angels’ Superiority To One Another

Angels have superiority to one another. The most superior angels are the four archangels. The first of them is Jabrâ’îl ”alaihi ‘s-salâm’. His duty was to bring wahî to prophets, to inform them of the orders and prohibitions. The second one is Isrâfîl ”alaihi ‘s-salâm’, who will sound the last trump called ‘Sûr’. He will sound the Sûr twice. At the first sound every living being but Allâhu ta’âlâ will die. At the second sound all will be resuscitated. The third one is Mikâ’îl ”alaihi ‘s-salâm’. It is his duty to make up cheapness, expensiveness, scarcity, abundance [economic order, to bring comfort and ease] and to move every object. The fourth one is ‘Azrâ’îl ”alaihi ‘s-salâm’, who takes the souls [jân, Persian for Arabic ‘rûh’] of human beings. After these four, there are four superior classes of angels: four angels of hamalat al-‘Arsh, who will be eight on the Resurrection; angels in Divine Presence, called muqarrabûn; leaders of torturing angels, called karûbiyûn; and angels of Mercy, named rûhâniyûn. All these higher angels are also higher than all human beings except prophets ”alaihimu ‘s-salawâtu wa ‘t-taslîmât’. The sulahâ’ and Awliyâ’ among Muslims are higher than common or lower angels. And common angels are superior to common, that is, disobedient, sinful Muslims.