Authors of concocted tafsîrs become disbelievers. The Turkish Qur’ân!


Every bid’at holder has inferred wrong meanings from âyats of the Qur’ân al-kerîm and hadîth-i-sherîfs with covered meanings. Our Prophet ‘’alaihis-salâm’ stated: “He who gives a false meaning to the Qur’ân according to his own mind, thought and knowledge, and who writes made up interpretations [those contradictory to the explanations which the great men of religion have prepared after learning them from our Prophet and from his Ashâb], is a kâfir.” Please read the fiftieth disaster incurred by one’s speech, discoursed on in Berîqa.We shouldn’t buy or read the false books of interpretations published to make money by those who know nothing of salât and îmân; we shouldn’t believe their sequinned advertisements.


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