Being Civilized Requires Justice


Being Civilized Requires Justice

yeni6Allâhu ta’âlâ has created men weak and needy. They need clothes, food, lodging, protection against their enemies, and many other things. A person cannot procure his needs by himself. His life is too short for this. Men have to cooperate and live together. One man gives an implement he has made to another, who in return gives him something else he needs. This need for cooperation is expressed as “Man has been created civilized.” Living in civilization, that is, in societies, requires justice. Everyone desires to get what he needs. This desire is called shahwa. He becomes indignant with anyone who takes his advantages away. Quarrels, cruelties and torture between them ensue. Society disintegrates. yeni3

To regulate all kinds of business transactions and to establish justice in a society, many principles have to be known, each of which becomes a law. They must be made known in the most equitable manner. If men cannot come to a mutual agreement in preparing them, chaos starts again. Therefore, they must be prepared by One who is equitable and above mankind. In order for His decisions to be accepted, He has to be powerful, and it must be understood that the decisions came from Him. Mu’jizas are the means by which this is proven. Those who run after their own pleasures and shahwa and behave arrogantly do not like the rules of Islam. They do not want to obey these rules. They violate others’ rights and commit sins. By declaring that those who obey Islam shall be given thawâb and those who do not obey them shall be tormented, the system of Islam becomes stronger. Therefore, the One who has ordained these rules and who will inflict the punishment must be known. For this end, worship (‘ibâda) has been commanded.


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