British Policy


British Policy

Sayyid Abd-ul-Hakîm Arwâsî ‘rahmatullâhi aleyh’ made the following statements, which define the British in a way covering all the main points while leaving out any points that are not relevant:

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“The British are the greatest enemies of Islam. Let us compare Islam to a tree; other disbelievers will fell this tree by cutting it by the lowest point of its trunk whenever they have the opportunity. Consequently, Muslims will begin feeling hostility towards them. Yet this tree may send forth roots some day. British policy, on the other hand, is quite different. He will serve this tree; he will feed it. So Muslims will develop a liking for him. However, one night, when all the people are sound asleep, he will administer poison to its root without anyone noticing it. The tree will dry up for good and will never sprout again. He will go on duping Muslims by expressing his solidarity with them. This exemplification of poisoning represents the British stratagem of extirpating Islamic scholars, Islamic literature and Islamic learning through the hypocritical and ignoble natives he has hired in return for the appeasement of sensuous desires, such as money, rank, positions and women.”


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