Can Reason Understand Everything?


Can Reason Understand Everything?

As the things that are understood through reason are superior to those perceived through sense organs, and as the former may prove the latter wrong, that is, as our sense organs cannot perceive the things comprehended through reason, likewise reason is incapable of comprehending facts realized at the rank of prophethood. Reason has no other option but to believe. How can reason assess things which it cannot understand? How can it decide if they are right or wrong?

To try to investigate with reason the things that have been understood through convention, in other words, the things which Prophets have explained, is like forcing a loaded cart to go uphill while it can hardly move on a level road. If the horse is whipped uphill, it will either fall down or die from fatigue. Or, in order to get on the level road it is used to, it will turn right or turn left, overturning the cart and spoiling its load. by the same taken, if reason is forced to solve the reality of the next world, which it cannot cope with and which it cannot understand, the person will either go out of his mind, or, by attempting to liken it to worldly affairs, which he is accustomed to, he will go astray, become deceived and deceive others.

Reason is a gauge, a tool used to measure things that are like those which can be perceived or felt through the senses or things that are relative to them. Reason can compare them with one another and distinguish the good ones from the bad ones. Since it cannot discern things that have no relation with such things, it will be overwhelmed by them. Then, there is no other way than believe the things communicated by Prophets without consulting reason. It is understood that following Prophets is a necessity indicated by reason, and it is a way which is agreeable with reason. It is an action contrary to reason to attempt to consult reason about a Prophet’s statements, which are beyond and above reason.


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