Deed Done For Allahu Ta’âlâ


Deed Done For Allahu Ta’âlâ

He who follows the Prophet will also follow him in inviting people and in performing Amr-i ma’rûf and Nahy-i munkar. He who does not do these has not adapted himself to him. If disbelievers were not Allâh’s enemies, it would not be fard to feel hostility towards them. It would not be the first of the things to bring a man closer to Allâhu ta’âlâ. It would not be an important part of or an additive to îmân. It would not cause the Wilâyat (the grade of Awliyâ) to be attained and Allah’s grace and love to be gained.
Our Prophet (sall Allâhu ‘alaihi wa sallam) stated, “The best of worships is to love Muslims because they are Muslims and to dislike disbelievers because they are disbelievers.” When Allâhu ta’âlâ asked Hadrat Mûsâ, “What did you do for Me?” he answered, “O my Allah, for you I performed namâz, fasted, paid zakât, and mentioned your Name very much.” Upon this, Alâhu ta’âlâ declared, “O Mûsâ! Your prayers (namâz) are documents for you. Your fastings are a shield against Hell. The zakât is a shade that protects you against the heat of the day of the Last Judgement. Your mentioning my name very much is a light that will illuminate you in the darkness of the grave and the Resurrection. yeni

That is, all these are useful for you. What did you do for Me?” Hadrat Mûsâ entreated, “O my Allah! Tell me the worship which is for Thee!” Allâhu ta’âlâ declared in an âyat-i-kerîma, “O Mûsâ! Did you love those who loved Me for My sake, and did you feel hostility towards My enemies for My sake?” So, Hadrat Mûsâ realized that the good deed done for Allah was to love for His sake and to be hostile for His sake.


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