Doublefaced Policy


Doublefaced Policy

Before this spreading of missionary activities and India’s being fully under British domination, the British were respectful of the Muslims’ religious belief; they would have cannons fired to celebrate the Muslims’ holy days, offer them help for the restoration of their mosques and other places of worship, and even join services in the pious foundations pertaining to mosques, convents, shrines and madrasas. The imperative messages arriving from Britain in 1833 and 1838 prohibited the British from activities of this sort. As these facts show clearly, the policy employed by the British in their attacks on the Islamic religion is based on deceiving the world’s Muslims by first pretending to be friendly and helpful and by spreading the impression far and wide that they love Muslims and serve Islam, and then, after attaining this subsidiary goal, annihilating gradually and insidiously all the Islamic essentials, books, schools, and scholars. This doublefaced policy of theirs has done the worst harm to Muslims and all but exterminated Islam. Later on, they increased their efforts to have English adopted as the official language and bring up Christianized new generations from the native people. To this end they opened schools thoroughly under the control of the missionaries.

Williams Jennings Bryan, a former U. S. Foreign Secretary, confirms with evidences that the British government is more cruel and baser than Russia; the statements he makes in his book British Domination in India can be paraphrased as follows:

“The British, who claim to have bestowed welfare and happiness on the living of the Indian people, sent millions of Indians to their graves. This nation (the British), who boast everywhere that they instituted law courts and disciplinary forces, robbed India to the core through a political embezzlement. ‘Robbery’ may sound somewhat too tough a term, yet no other word could depict the British atrocity more explicitly. “The conscience of the British people, who claim to be Christians, is not willing to hear the Indian Muslims’ call for help.”


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