Fundamental Beliefs Of Wahabis


The book Al-fajr-us-sâdiq, written by Jamil Sidqi Zahâwî Efendi of Baghdâd, who was a muderris (professor) of Aqâid-i-Islamiyya (Islamic creed) in the Dâr-ul-funûn (university) of Istanbul and passed away in 1354 [C. E. 1936], was printed in Egypt in 1323 [C. E. 1905] and reproduced by offset process by Hakîkat Kitâbevi in Istanbul. It is stated in the book, “The heretical ideas of the Wahhabi sect were produced by Muhammad bin Abd-ul-Wahhâb in Najd in 1143 [C. E. 1730]. He was born in 1111 [C. E. 1699], and died in 1207 [C. E. 1792]. The sect was spread at the cost of a considerable amount of Muslim blood by Muhammad bin Su’ûd, the Emîr of Der’iyya. Wahhabis called Muslims who would not agree with them polytheists. They said that all of them (non-Wahhabis) must perform the hajj anew (even if they had performed it), and asserted that all their ancestors as well had been disbelievers for six hundred years. They killed anyone who would not accept the Wahhabi sect, and carried off their possessions as booties. They imputed ugly motives to Muhammad ‘alaihis-salâm’. They burned books of Fiqh, Tafsîr, and Hadîth. They misinterpreted Qur’ân al-kerîm in accordance with their own ideas. In order to deceive Muslims, they said they were in the Hanbalî madh-hab. However, most Hanbalî scholars wrote books refuting them and explaining that they were heretics. They are disbelievers because they call harâms ‘halâl’ and because they belittle Prophets and the Awliyâ. The Wahhabi religion is based on ten essentials:

1- Allah is a material being. He has hands, a face, and directions. [This belief of theirs is similar to the Christian creed (Father, Son, and Holy Ghots)];
2- They interpret Qur’ân al-kerîm according to their own understanding;
3- They reject the facts reported by the As-hâb-i-kirâm;
4- They reject the facts reported by scholars;
5- They say a person who imitates one of the four madh-habs is a disbeliever;
6- They say non-Wahhabis are disbelievers;
7- They say a person who prays by making the Prophet and the Awliyâ intermediaries (between himself and Allâhu ta’âlâ), will become a disbeliever;
8- They say it is harâm to visit the Prophet’s grave or those of the Awliyâ;
9- He who swears on any being other than Allah will become a polytheist, they say;
10- A person who makes a solemn pledge to anyone except Allah or who kills an animal (as a sacrifice) by the graves of Awliyâ, will become a polytheist, they say. In this book of mine it will be proved by documentary evidences that all these ten credal tenets are wrong.”


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