The death of disbelievers

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Question: What treatment do disbelievers receive at the moment of death?
When a disbeliever is dying, the curtain is drawn back from his eyes, and Paradise is shown to him. An angel says to him,
“O disbeliever! You were on a wrong path, and you used to disapprove of the Islamic religion. You will not be able to enter Paradise because you are devoid of faith. Only those who have faith in the principles Muhammad ‘alaihis-salâm brought from Allahu ta’âlâ will enter Paradise.”

He sees the blessings in Paradise. The houris of Paradise, too, say, “The Believers will be saved from Allahu ta’âlâ’s torment.”

After a while, the Devil appears in the guise of a priest. He says, “O so and so’s son so and so! Those who came told lies. All the blessings you saw will be yours.” Then Hell is shown to him. It contains mountains of fire, scorpions and centipedes like mules. He sees the torments stated in hadîth-i sharîfs. The angels of torment in Hell called Zabânî beat him with clubs of fire. Flames spew forth from their mouths. Their heights are like a minaret and their teeth are like the horn of an ox. They speak like the roar of thunder. Their voices make the disbeliever tremble with fear, so he turns his face to the Devil. Frightened, the Devil cannot bear it and flees. The angels catch him and knock him down. They come near this disbeliever and say:
“O disbeliever! You did not believe in Allah’s Messenger in the world. In the same way, you did not believe the angels now and were taken in by the accursed Devil again.”

Putting chains around his neck and getting his feet over his head, they insert his right hand into his left flank and his left hand into his right flank and bring them out from his back. He yells out and summons his yes-men in the world. The Zabânîs reply:
“O disbeliever! O stupid who make fun of Muslims! The time of pleading passed. Faith and supplication are not accepted anymore. Now is the time for you to suffer the torment in return for your disbelief.”

They pull his tongue from his neck and hollow his eyes out. Inflicting various, excruciatingly painful torments, they take his wicked soul and throw it into Hell. May Allahu ta’âlâ bless us with dying on the religion of Muhammad ‘alaihis-salâm and on the creed which are written in the books of Ahl as-Sunna scholars, who transmitted the religion of the Exalted Prophet to us correctly! Âmîn. (Cennet Yolu İlmihali)


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