How Are Our Deeds Written?


Question: The angels Kiraman Katibin write the sins and thawabs(rewards) of people. But maybe a person made repentance for his/her sins, or maybe it is permissible to do a certain deed according to another scholar in the same madhhab. So will there not be disorder in these written records? Will what they write be valid word for word on the Day of Reckoning, or will it be revised?

There may be disorder or mistakes in every deed, but there is never disorder or mistakes in Allahu ta’ala’s deed. How can one who does things in disorderly and faulty way be a god? 

The angels do not write on anything or in letters. As we gather information in our mind and memory, likewise they keep a record of a person’s actions at some place. Let us give an example from modern life to facilitate understanding of the matter:
All of our actions are recorded by a camera, and they will be shown down to the smallest detail at the live broadcast on the Day of Reckoning. We ourselves, too, will watch these videos. Nobody will be able to raise any objections, and people will be publicly disgraced. Not only will we fully see what we did, but also our organs and lifeless things will bear witness either in favor of us or against us. 

The Qur’an al-karim says (what means): 
(On that Day, their tongues, hands, and feet will bear witness to all that they did.) [An-Nur 24]

(When they reach there at last, their ears, eyes, and skins will bear witness against them as to what they did.) 
[Fussilat 20]

(They will ask their skins, “Why did you bear witness against us?” Their skins will say, “Allah, who makes everything speak, has made us speak, too. He created you for the first time, and to Him you are being returned again.”) [Fussilat 21]

(You did not fear that your eyes, ears, and skins would bear witness against you, and you did not abstain from evil deeds. You supposed that Allah would not know most of what you did. [You did not believe in the Resurrection.][Fussilat 22]

(On that Day, We will seal their mouths. Their hands will relate to Us what they did, and their feet [and all their organs] will bear witness [to it].) [Ya Sin 65]

The sins we repented of will be seen as a white page. The sins that are represented as white pages will not be reminded even to us. We ourselves, too, will forget them and will not be able to know them. If we die Allahu ta’ala’s dear slaves, none of the ugly deeds we did will be disclosed to anyone. The Qur’an al-karim says (what means): 
(On that Day, Allah will not disgrace His Prophet, and those who believed and who are with him.) [At-Tahrim 8] 

Our master the Prophet will request that account books [recordings of the camera] be in his hands and nobody see them. He will ask, “O my Lord, entrust the accounting of my Ummah to me so that nobody will hear their faults,” and Allahu ta’ala will say, “They are your Ummah, whereas they are My servants. I am more merciful to them than you are. I will conduct their reckoning secretly without anyone seeing their faults.”

In order to be one of such people, we must first redress our creedal state. Then we must strive to avoid sins and perform our acts of worship correctly. To that end, we advise you to read the book Endless Bliss in order to learn the correct credo and how to perform acts of worship properly


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