How To Christianize Muslims? (Part I)


The book prepared by a Protestant missionary named Geo G. Harris. Its title read, ‘How To Christianize Muslims’. The priestly author of the book gave the following advice: ‘It is very difficult to Christianize Muslims. For Muslims are strongly adherent to their conventions and are very obstinate. For Christianizing them, it is necessary to have recourse to the following three methods:

1) Muslims are taught that today’s copies of the Holy Bible, that is, the Torah and the Bible, are not the original Torah and the Bible, and the genuine Bible was defiled and interpolated. Ask them the following questions outright:

a– Do you have a copy of the real Bible and the Torah? If you do, we would like to see it!

b– What differences are there between today’s Holy Bible and the Bible you claim to be true? In what parts are these differences, and how many are there?

c– Were these differences you tell us of made purposely, or are they only textual differences?

d– Here is a copy of the Holy Bible. Show me the passages that were exposed to interpolation.

e– Here is a passage. How would you read it in the original text?

2) Who did the interpolations you claim, and when?


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