How To Christianize Muslims? (Part II)


3) Muslims believe that the Holy Bible that we have today is either a similitude of the original copies of the Torah and the Bible or quite a different book written by people. According to Muslims, the Holy Bible that we have today has nothing to do with the Holy Bible revealed to Jesus (Isa ‘alaihis-salam’). However, they will be taken aback when they are asked the aforenamed questions.

For Muslims are mostly uneducated. Their opinion that the Holy Bible is not genuine is only hearsay. Let alone knowing about the books of the Holy Bible, such as the Old Testament and the New Testament, they lack the necessary knowledge about their own religion. A couple of serious questions will suffice to disorient them, and they will not know how to answer you. Then, saying that you are going to give them some information, choose a few attractive passages that you think they will understand easily, and read them with a soft voice, a smiling face, and a sweet language. Give them a few booklets and pamphlets telling about the virtues of Christianity in a clear, understandable language. Never have recourse to coercion to Christianize them. Always give them time to think and then decide. Be sure that you will be able to Christianize them if you act in this manner. At least you can cause their hearts to begin to doubt.


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