How Will People Be Gathered?


Question: How will people be resurrected and brought to the Gathering Place (Mahshar)?
People will be resurrected and brought to the Gathering Place according to their deeds.

If one does deeds like those of the pious but keeps company with sinners, one’s good deeds will come to nothing, and one will be resurrected among the evil on the Day of Resurrection. If one does deeds like those of the evil but loves the pious and keeps company with them, one’s sins will be turned into good deeds, and one will be resurrected among the pious. (Ka’b-ul-Ahbar)

Two Qur’anic verses say (what means):
(On the Day of Resurrection, We will gather them [disbelievers] on their faces, blind, dumb, and deaf. Their destination and abode will be Hell.) [Al-Isra’ 97]

(He who does not remember Me will be afflicted with trials and tribulations, and on the Day of Resurrection he will be brought blind.) [Ta Ha 124]

Some pertinent hadith-i sharifs are as follows:
(He who likes what a nation does will be resurrected among them, even if he does not do their deeds.) [Hatib]

(A person will be resurrected with whom he loves. He who loves disbelievers will be together with them, and his good deeds will not avail him in the least.) 

(He who recites Surat al-Qadr once after completing ablution will be written among the truthful. He who recites it twice will be written among martyrs. He who recites it three times will be resurrected among prophets.) [Daylami]

(He who helps a Muslim with words or he who walks one step for him will be resurrected among prophets on the Day of Resurrection, and he will receive the reward of 70 martyrs.) [Hatib]

(He who has a crowded family but a low income and yet who performs his prayers properly according to its accepted standards and does not backbite other Muslims, will be kept with me at the Place of Gathering on the Day of Resurrection.) [Maktubat-i Ma’thumiyya]

(He who performs 
[Islamic marriage contract called] nikah with the intention of not paying the mahr will be resurrected among thieves on the Day of Resurrection.) [Riyad-un-nasihin]

(Whoever narrates 40 ahadith related to lawful and unlawful things to My community for the sake of Allahu ta’ala will be resurrected among scholars.) [Abu Nu’aym]

(He who continues to perform five daily prayers in congregation will be one of those who will cross the Sirat Bridge first and with the speed of lightning. Allah will resurrect him among pious people, and he will get the reward of 1,000 martyrs for each day and night he continued prayers.) [Tabarani]

(He who begs to increase his wealth will be resurrected with a face whose flesh has been eaten, and his food from Hell will be hot stones.) [Tabarani]

(Those women who took wailing for the dead as their occupation, if they do not repent before they die, will be resurrected wearing dresses of tar and having scabies.) [Muslim]

(When people rise from their graves, they will be made to come [according to their deeds] riding, walking, creeping, or prone on their faces.) [Hakim]

How will people be raised?
Will everybody, Muslims or non-Muslims, rise from their graves in different shapes?
Hadrat Muadh asked our master the Prophet the exegesis of the 18th verse of Naba Sura, which reads (in English), “You all will come in groups,” and he was given the following reply:

(On the Day of Resurrection, 12 groups of people from my community will be raised up in the manner explained below:
1. The ones who do not give obligatory alms 
[zakatwill be raised from their graves with their abdomens filled with snakes and scorpions.
2. The ones who are slack in performing salat will be raised up in the shape of pigs.
3. The ones who tell lies and deceive 
[others] in buying and selling will be raised up with blood flowing from their mouths.
4. The ones who harass their neighbors will be raised up with their hands and feet cut off.
5. The ones who do not fear Allahu ta’ala and commit sins secretly will be raised up spreading a foul smell that will be worse than the smell of a carcass.
6. The ones who tell lies and commit perjury will be raised up with their tongues cut off.
7. The ones who abstain from giving a true testimony when it is necessary will be raised up without tongues.
8. The ones who commit fornication will be raised up with pus oozing from their private parts.
9. The ones who consume the property of orphans unjustly will be raised up with their abdomens filled with fire.
10. The ones who drink alcoholic beverages will be raised up with faces that have reddened, with eyes that have protruded outwardly, with cuspidate teeth like the horn of an ox, with lips that have hung down to their abdomens, and with abdomens that have hung down to their thighs.
11. The ones who are disobedient to their parents will be raised up having leprosy and vitiligo.
12. The ones who do good deeds, perform salat in congregation, and die after repenting of their sins will be raised up with faces like the full moon.) 

It should be noted that the points explained above concern people who commit sins and have died without making repentance for them. Those who have made repentance or those whose rewards are more than their sins will not be brought to the Gathering Place in such shapes. Again the following is stated in another hadith-i sharif:

(1. The ones who carry one’s talk to the other will be raised up in the shape of monkeys.
2. The eaters of unlawful things will be raised up in the shape of pigs.
3. The ones who charge and pay interest will be raised up moving on their heads.
4. The ones who do injustice when passing judgment will be raised up blind.
5. The ones who show self-love, that is, those who like their deeds, will be raised up dumb and deaf.
6. The scholars who do not practice what they preach will be raised up with tongues hanging down to their chests.
7. Arrogant people will be raised up wearing dresses of tar.) 

Rising from graves
Will all people rise from their graves with the bodies they have in the world?
Yes, all people will rise from their graves as they were in worldly life. They will assume different shapes the time they will enter Paradise or Hell. Those who will go to Paradise will be young, handsome, and beautiful. Three hadith-i sharifs say as follows:
(The people of Paradise will be beardless and will have black eyelashes.) [Tirmidhi]

(The people of Paradise will be with eyes highlighted by kohl, will be beardless, and will have the beauty of Yusuf ‘alaihis-salam.)
[Ibn ‘Asakir]

(Everybody will be young in Paradise.)

As for disbelievers, who will go to Hell, they will be very ugly, and their bodies will be extremely big so that they will experience much torment. Three hadith-i sharifs state:

(If someone came to the world from Hell, everybody would die because of his terrifying appearance and the obnoxious smell he spreads.) 
[Ibn Abi ad-Dunya]

(One tooth of a disbeliever will be as big as Mount Uhud.) [Muslim]

(The distance between the two shoulders of a disbeliever will be as much as the distance that a horse rider takes in three days.) [Bukhari]


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