Islam Is Not Against Knowledge And Science


How could Islam ever be defied through knowledge? Islam is the very essence of knowledge. Many parts of Qur’ân al-kerîm command knowledge and praise men of knowledge. For example, it is declared in the ninth âyat of Sûrat-uz-Zumâr: “Is it possible that he who knows and he who does not know be the same? He who knows is certainly valuable!” Rasûlullah’s ‘sall-Allâhu alaihi wa salam’ words praising and recommending knowledge are so numerous and so famous that even our enemies know about them. For example, in the books Ihyâ-ul-‘ulûm and Mawdû’ât-ul-‘ulûm, the following hadîth is written in a section describing the value of knowledge, “Acquire knowledge even if it is in China!” That is, “Go and learn knowledge, even if it is at the farthest place in the world and in the possession of disbelievers!

Do not say, ‘I don’t want it; it is invented by disbelievers’.” And it is declared in another hadîth-i-sherîf: “Study and learn knowledge from the cradle to the grave!” That is, an old man of eighty, one of whose feet is already in the grave, should sudy. It is an act of worship for him to learn. And once he declared: “Work for the next world as if you were to die tomorrow, and work for the world as if you would never die.” He declared in a hadîh-i-sherîf: “Little worship done with knowledge is better than much worship done without understanding.” Once he said, “The Devil is more afraid of a savant than of thousands of ignorant worshippers.”

Muslim woman cannot go on supererogatory hajj without taking her husband’s leave; she cannot set out on a journey or pay a visit, either. However, she can go out for the purpose of learning without his permission, if he does not teach her or allow her to learn. As it is seen, though it is a sin for her to go on hajj without permission, which is a great worship liked by Allâhu ta’âlâ, it is not a sin to go out to learn without permission.

Then how can disbelievers ever attack Islam through knowledge? Does knowledge blame knowledge? Of course not, it likes, praises it. He who attacks Islam through knowledge will suffer a defeat.


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