When you read these lovely, open-hearted and cordial statements made about the Islamic religion by people of various nationalites, countries, professions and classes who accepted Islam willingly, not under coercion of any sort, but in consequence of their own decisions and comparative study of religions, you feel so happy and so proud about having been a Muslim! When you see that things that are quite familiar and matter-of-fact to you are admired by others, you feel a certain amazement. Owing to its pulchritudinous habit-injections, such as belief in one Allah, brotherhood, geniality, honesty, compassion, hospitality, charity, an unflinching sense of self-sacrifice for the good of one’s homeland, and a readiness to protect one’s religion, îmân and chastity at the sacrifice of one’s life, Islam is preferred to the other religions without any propagation or handfuls of monetary expenditures, which are routine practices of the wealthy organizations buttressing the Christian missionaries. Islam does not allow any evil thoughts or bad behaviours.

There are hypocrites and heretics who try to exploit Islam for their personal advantages, subversive policies, and blunting ideologies. A true Muslim belonging to the group called Ahl-assunnat, which is the only group with the correct belief, will never serve as their tool. Nor will he fall for their deceits and let his belief be corrupted. A Muslim will not infringe on someone else’s rights, whatsoever the latter’s religious belief. A person belonging to one of the seventy-two groups, which our Prophet ‘alaihissalâm’ stated to be wrong, is a heretic. A true Muslim holding the belief of Ahl-as-sunnat is an extremely pure person who does his five daily prayers of namâz regularly. Islam has prohibited to point a gun toward your Muslim brother, even for a jocular purpose.

Our country, Turkey, which enjoys all the blessings of Allâhu ta’âlâ and which is peerless in the world owing to its good climate, abundant water and rich metal resources, needs true Muslims holding the belief of Ahl-as-sunnat. Only these true Muslims can improve this sacred country to the level worthy of it, by cooperating with one another, by respecting, loving and protecting one another, by rejecting the asinine and aberrant publications of the people of bid’at carrying Muslim names and of the enemies of Islam, by working incessantly, by catching up with, and even excelling, the science and technology of the twentieth century. This country, (or any other Muslim country on the earth), will reap no benefit from people who do not know Allâhu ta’âlâ as He is described by the scholars of Ahl-as-sunnat, who flout Islam’s commandments and prohibitions, and who feel enmity towards their Muslim brothers with the effect of foreign ideas they have been indoctrinated with. Their souls are unhealthy.

Like machines or beasts, they give service to anyone who gets possession of them. They are the most harmful viruses of society.

May Allâhu ta’âlâ protect us against the vices of these pestilential people! Scientists and politicians who have chosen Islam state that “If a man’s soul is vacant, it is good for nothing. This vacuum can be filled only with a true religion.” A person who has purified his soul with Islam and who avoids Islam’s prohibitions, will not fall for any subversive propaganda; but he will follow the right path written in the books of Ahl-as-sunnat, establish a hand-in-hand cooperation with his Muslim brothers, and thus serve his religion and country. Thereby, he will attain the blessing and grace of Allâhu ta’âlâ in both worlds.

Of old, the unilaterally opinionated people would take any occasion to vituperate Islam, and to attempt to defile the essentials of this true religion; in short, doing injustice was their favourite occupation. Most of the books written by such miscreants were published by Christians and by heretical groups lurking behind Muslim names. In Europe there are subversive books that were written without any actual study of Islam. These books represent cruel and lying heathens who worship the devil, who legitimize all sorts of iniquity, and who consider women as mere possessions.

Books of the same sort were published with mischievous motives in the orient as well. Today, as people understand one another better and read one another’s books, correct books spread widely, and thus the old hatred gradually leaves its place to admiration.

The divisive and subversive ideas that at one time instigated wars between Christians and Muslims, and between the aberrant groups of Muslims and true Muslims holding the belief of Ahl-as-sunnat, are on the decrease.

Today Christians realize the shortcomings of their religion and try to ameliorate them. As we were preparing this book we received a letter from India. Enclosed was a message headlined ‘Explanation’ and distributed by the Christians living there. It said: “Because Allah created us, we are all Allah’s sons and daughters. You, too, are a son or daughter of Allah.

The expression ‘the son of God’, which you read in the Bible, means, ‘the born slave (creature) of God’. In other words, to say that Îsâ (Jesus) ‘alaihis-salâm’ is the son of Allah means to say that Allah created him, as He created you and me. He does not have any other relation to Allah. As for the Holy Spirit; it means the great power endowed on Îsâ ‘alaihis-salâm’. It would be a mistake to take it as another godhead. The Bible does not contain something in the name of Trinity. Allah is one. It is wrong to believe in three gods. The dogma that men are born sinful, which you have been taught until now, is wrong, too. Everybody is responsible before Allâhu ta’âlâ only for his or her own actions.”

As is seen, even Christian priests realize that trinity is something quite wrong, and they attempt to correct it. And this, in its turn, shows that people are gathering around the belief in one ma’bûd (Allah). This reversal means a closer proximity to Islam. We hope that one day Islam will cover the entire world. Otherwise, humanity will become altogether irreligious, which in turn means doom for humanity.
We terminate this part of our book with a quotation of the Nasr Sûra of Qur’ân al-kerîm, which purports: “When comes the Help of Allâhu ta’âlâ, and victory, and thou dost see the people enter Allâhu ta’âlâ’s religion in crowds, celebrate the praises of thy Lord, and pray for His forgiveness: for He is Oft-Returning (in Grace and Mercy).”

Come, O man, who is captivated in forlorn lands,
Come, O man, who is snoozing in earthly ruins!

Open your eyes’n look around, so many lords passed by,
So mad it is to give your heart to this fleeting lie!

Cage is not for the philomel, be it fed with candy,
Alas! Why should one prefer this dungeon so gloomy?

How disconsolate it would be from sleep so sound,
To wake up, when death came to end your earthly round!

So darkened is your heart that advice would do you no good;
To a heart as hard as rocks counsels would be dry food!

Come to your senses, before it is too late;
Eternal torment awaits those who flout this fate!

O my ego, it is you who needs this advice most;
That day, obedience, alone, shall bear a cost!


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