Some Superior Traits Of Our Prophet


Allâhu ta’âlâ has gathered in His darling all the visible and invisible advantages, all the superior traits and all that is beautiful and which can exist in a person. For example, his face was the most beautiful among all human beings and was very luminous. His blessed face was white mixed with red and shone like the moon. His words were so sweet that they pleased hearts and attracted souls. His mind was so great that, though coming from among the very violent and obstinate people of the Arabic Peninsula, he handled them very well, endured their torments and thus brought them to tenderness and obedience. Many of them abandoned their religions and converted to Islam; for the cause of Islam, they even fought against their fathers and children. For his (the Prophet’s) sake they sacrificed their possessions and homes and shed their own blood.

As a matter of fact, they were not used to such things. He was so good-tempered, so tender, so forgiving, so patient, so kind and so benevolent that everybody admired him. Those who saw him or heard about him, became Muslims willingly. No unseemliness or defect was ever noted in any of his actions, in any of his words. Though for his own sake he never became offended with anybody, he was harsh and severe against those who spoke ill of or laid hands on the religion. If he hadn’t been tender and affable towards everybody, it would have been beyond anybody’s strength to sit beside him or to listen to him owing to his awe-inspiring prophethood and his great manners (sall-Allâhu ta’âlâ ‘alaihi wa sallam).

Despite the fact that he had not read or learned anything from anybody, that he had never been able to write, and that he had come from people who did not travel and who knew nothing of past history and of those around them, he communicated facts written in the Tawrat (the book which was revealed to Hadrat Mûsâ) and the Injil (the real Bible) and in all other holy books. He conveyed information about the states of ancient people. Giving evidences and proofs, he silenced all the notables of every religion and every profession.


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