Islamic Religion Commands Justice


Islamic Religion Commands Justice

History reveals us the cruelties and evil practices of kings and the dictators who attacked Islam in order to conceal their massacres and perfidy, and who wanted to deceive everyone for the sake of their own comfort and pleasure. Cruel enemy commanders and bigoted armies of the crusaders were always thwarted by Muslim Turkish heroes. Being unable to pass over the îmân-filled chests of our ancestors, they fled, leaving their weapons and their dead behind.

History shows again that Islam has been the inspiration for developing more intellectual and more courageous people, who in turn develop superior, more up-to-date, and more scientific means of war and other civilized apparatuses. The irreligious have always been left behind in knowledge, in science, in arms and in courage. Every Islamic army succeeded when the Sharî’at (commands and prohibitions of Islam) was followed in every respect, but a relative decrease in success was witnessed in the soldiers and the commanders of the same army when they deviated from Islam. The establishment, the improvement, the decline and fall of every Muslim State has always been closely related to their adherence to the Islam.

Irreligious dictators have bloodstained their hands and dominated lands, and by oppressing the people with cruelty and instigation and by employing them like animals, they have established heavy industries of war, tremendous factories, made superior weapons and threatened the world. Yet, in the course of history, they all quickly fell and have always been remembered with curses. Their traps, hastily set like a spider’s web, were blown away by even the slightest power, like the fresh morning breeze. They left behind nothing for humanity. And now, however great and powerful the states which are based on irreligiousness might seem, they will certainly fall; cruelty will not last long.

Such disbelievers are like a match, which will flare up suddenly and set fire to light things such as straw and sawdust. It may burn the hand and probably destroy houses, yet it will soon go out and perish itself. As for those administrations based on Islam; they are like the radiators of a central heating unit. The radiator does not burn anything. By heating the rooms, it gives comfort to people. Its heat is not excessive or harmful, yet it possesses a source of heat and energy. Likewise, Islam is like a useful source of energy. It nourishes and strengthens individuals, families and societies clinging to it.


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