It Is Not Permissible To Become Cross


“Hijr” means to cease from being friendly (with someone) and become cross (with them). Rasûlullah ‘sall-Allâhu ‘alaihi wa sal-lam’ states in a hadîth-i-sherîf: “It would not be permissible (halâl) for a Believer (Mu’min) to become cross with another Believer (Mu’min) for more than three days. After three days it is necessary (wâjib) for him to go and greet him(by saying “salâmun ‘alaikum.”) If the latter acknowledges the greeting they will share the reward (thawâb), otherwise the sin will be recorded for the latter.” It is neither proper nor permissible for a male or female Believer to become angry or offended with another Believer (Mu’min) so as to sever relations with them and to be no longer on speaking terms with them because of some mundane disputes.

[It is not permissible to become cross with non-Muslim citizens of an Islamic state for worldly affairs. It is necessary to appease their hearts by treating them nicely with a smiling face and by avoiding situations that may entail misdemeanour or maltreatment towards them. Be it within or without the borders of an Islamic state, wheresoever, and be it a Muslim or a non-Muslim, whosoever, there is by no means any permission to violate any person’s rights, property, safety or honor. A nonbeliever who lives within an Islamic state or non-Muslim tourists who are visiting an Islamic state or non-Muslim businessmen who are within the borders of an Islamic state for business purposes are entitled to enjoy the rights of a Muslim citizen of the Islamic state with respect to the codes of law which govern every aspect of daily life other than the religious worships that Muslims are enjoined to perform. They are free to practice their religious duties or prayers. Islam grants these rights and freedom to these people. A Muslim should obey the commandments of Allâhu ta’âlâ and should not commit any wrongdoing. He should not disobey the laws that govern his country. He should not commit any offense. He should not arouse instigation. He should be good to everyone everywhere regardless of whether they are Muslims or disbelievers. As a matter of fact, a Muslim should observe the rights of others and should never oppress anyone. By improving his behavioral conduct into a paragon of the beautiful morals and probity intrinsic in Islam’s disciplinary codes, he should cause members of other nations to respect and admire the Islamic religion.]

It is better to go to a person whom one is cross with before the three-day limit set by Islam ends and make up with him. The three-day tolerance was intended for the letting up of strain. Sinfulness starts after the three-day limit and continues to grow as days pass by. Growth of the sin continues until the make up. Rasûlullah ‘sall-Allâhu ‘alaihi wa sal-lam’ states in a hadîth-i-sherîf: “Go to a person who has offended you and make up! Forgive the person who oppressed you. Be good to a person who treated you badly!”


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