Jihâd and fitna -2-


Question: Christians and other enemies of Islam perpetrate oppression and violate the property, life and chastity of the Muslims who live as a minority in different parts of the world. In this case, will it be a fitna to attack them if a person understands that he will be killed when he attacks? Is it counted as an attempt to suicide?

An allowable war is waged by the State, armed forces of the State. It would be wrong for specific groups to rise in rebellion. When a fitna arises, the country or the city plagued with the fitna should be abandoned. When immigration is not possible, one should still keep away from the fitna. If Muslims are killed, they become martyrs. If they are raped, the Muslims who have been subjected to it will not be sinful. Our master, the Prophet (sall-Allahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) declared as follows concerning this issue:
(Fitnas will spread everywhere before the time of Doomsday. At that time, a person who leaves his home as a Believer will return to his home in the evening as a disbeliever. The one who returns to his home as a Believer in the evening will get up in the morning as a disbeliever. At that time, the person getting himself into a corner is better than the person coming in sight; the person sitting is better than the person standing; the person standing is better than the person walking; the person walking is better than the person running. Then do not leave your home and do not become involved in fitnas!) [Abû Dâwud]

(When the attackers enter your house in the time of fitna, be like the son of Adam, Hâbîl (Abel), who said (as it is mentioned in the 28th âyat of Sûrat-ul-Mâida), “Even if you stretch out your hand against me to kill me, I will not stretch out my hand against you to kill you.”) [Tirmudhî, Abû Dâwud]

(In the time of fitna, do not leave your home! Break your arrows, cut your bows! Be like the son of Âdam, Hâbîl.) [Abû Dâwud, Tirmudhî]

(When fitnas emerge, if you can manage, be not the killer but the killed!) [Abû Nu’aym]

(Happy is he who does not participate in fitnas.) [Abû Dâwud]


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