Kâfirs With And Without A Holy Book


Kâfirs With And Without A Holy Book

There are two types of kâfirs: The kâfir with a holy book, and the kâfir without a holy book. If a Muslim abandons his religion, he is called a “murtadd” (renegade, apostate). Ibn ‘Âbidîn ‘rahimahullâhu ta’âlâ’ wrote in the subject on ‘people not to be married due to polytheism’: “Renegades, mulhids, zindîqs, fireworshippers, those members of one of the seventy-two groups who are as excessive as to become disbelievers, people called [Brahmins, Buddhists,] Bâtinîs, Ibâhatîs and Durzîs (Druzes), idolaters, the ancient Greek philosophers and munâfiqs are all disbelievers without holy books.” Communists and freemasons also are disbelievers without holy books. Christians and Jews, who believe in revealed books which were later interpolated, are disbelievers with books.

If a disbeliever, with a holy book or without one, embraces Islam, he will be safe against Hell. He will become a sinless, innocent Muslim. But he has to become a Sunnî Muslim, that is, to read and learn the book of one of the ‘ulamâ’ of Ahl as-Sunna and adapt his îmân, acts and words to what he thereby learns. In the world it is understood from a person’s clear words and actions said and done without darûra (strong necessity or compulsion) if he is a Muslim or not. It becomes definite at a person’s last breath if he has gone to the next world with îmân. If a Muslim with grave sins repents for them, he or she will surely be forgiven and become a sinless, pure Muslim. It is explained in detail in ‘ilm al-hâl books, for example, the book Endless Bliss, what repentance is and how it will be done.


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