What Does Dhikr Mean?


Dhikr means to remember Allâhu ta’âlâ. And this may well be done through the heart. When a person makes dhikr, his heart becomes purified. That is, love of the world leaves his heart and love of Allah takes its place. It is not dhikr for a number of people to assemble together and to shout “Hay” or “Hûy!” or to dance and whirl. Many things have been made up under the name of tarîqat for a hundred years.

The way of the great men of religion, of the murshids of tasawwuf, of the Ashâb-i kirâm has been forgotten. The ignorant, and even the sinners have become shaikhs and have committed sins under the names of dhikr and worship.

Especially recently, there has not been a dervish convent left in which the harâm and the Shî’ism have not asserted themselves. Today, there are almost no real savants of tasawwuf either in Istanbul, in Anatolia, or in Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Hidjaz or Pakistan, that is, in any of the Islamic countries. False and counterfeit murshids, those members of a tarîqat exploiting Muslims, however, are numerous.

We should read the old, real books of great men of religion and correct our worships, dhikr and thoughts in accordance with them. We should not believe the thieves of property and religion, who work behind the curtain of valuable names, such as, men of tarîqat, shaikhs, murîds; but we should avoid them.


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