Major Islamic Duties


Major Islamic Duties

Question: You provided us with information about major forbidden acts. Now could you please list the Islamic duties (fard acts) required of a Muslim?

Some of them are as follows:

1. Feeding a hungry person for the sake of Allahu ta’ala,

2. Saying “Yarhamukallah” to a person who has sneezed and said “Alhamdulillah,”

3. Obeying Allahu ta’ala and His Messenger [learning and doing Islamic duties and abstaining from forbidden things],

4. Not feeling safe from the torment of Allahu ta’ala and not despairing of His mercy,

5. Believing that Allahu ta’ala guarantees your rizq and that your rizq is from Allah,

6. Contemplating the existence of Allahu ta’ala,

7. Rendering thanks to Allahu ta’ala for His blessings that He gives you,

8. Not forgetting Allahu ta’ala even for a moment [seeking His pleasure in your every deed],

9. Believing in the six tenets of faith expressed in the prayer called the Amantu and memorizing them and knowing their meanings,

10. Doing good to and serving your parents,

11. Being patient in the face of disasters,

12. Migrating from one place where there are no pious people and where bid’at and intrigues are on the increase to another place,

13. Saying Basmala before slaughtering an animal,
14. Paying mahr to the woman you divorced,

15. For a father and for a rich relative in the absence of the father, providing nafaqa (housing, food, clothing) for a divorced woman,

16. A child’s serving his father,

17. Learning the aqidah of Ahl as-Sunnah wa’l Jama’ah,

18. Obeying an amir’s (commander, leader) orders that do not go against Islam,

19. Enjoining what is good and forbidding what is evil,

20. Enjoining what is good mildly,

21. Men’s performing Salat al-Jumu’ah,

22. Believing that all of the Companions of our Master the Prophet were pious and adil,

23. Not using obscene language,

24. Repenting of your sins,

25. Acting on the ijtihad that the caliph of Muslims has chosen and ordered,

26. A bachelor’s marrying if he/she fears committing haram,

27. Eating, drinking, and wearing halal things,

28. Every nation in every age must follow the Messenger of Allah.

29. Every Muslim must follow a mujtahid; that is, every Muslim must follow any of the four madhhabs.

30. Loving for the sake of Allah and disliking for the sake of Allah,

31. Learning the five pillars of Islam and applying them,
32. Having good moral qualities and learning the knowledge of Islamic ethics,

33. Looking at the universe to learn a lesson,

34. Being content with what you have,

35. Giving nafaqa to your wife, even if she is rich,

36. Being pleased with qada and qadar,

37. Ordering a child to perform salat when he or she has reached the age of seven,

38. Working in order to obtain sufficient rizq [that is, food, clothes, and housing],

39. Paying off the dues that you owe to other people and Allahu ta’ala and making a will if you are indebted,

40. Learning scientific and Islamic knowledge related to your job,

41. A mujtahid’s following the Companions of our Master the Prophet,

42. A mujtahid’s acting on his own ijtihad,

43. Getting on well with people,

44. A mufti must be a mujtahid.

45. Performing ghusl before performing salat if you are in a state of janabat (sexually impure state) or if a woman’s menstruation has stopped,

46. Memorizing sufficient surahs or ayahs for salat,

47. Believing in and obeying orders that are stated explicitly in the Qur’an al-karim and hadith-i sharifs,

48. It is fard-i kifaya to wash, to shroud, to offer Salat al-Janaza for, and to bury the corpse.

49. Prophets’ exhibiting mu’jizat,
50. Respecting Ahl al-Bait and the wives of the Messenger of Allah,

51. Believing in the Messenger of Allah when one hears of his prophethood,

52. Visiting pious and mahram relatives,

53. Returning the salam of a person,

54. Being true to your word and telling the truth,

55. According to the Shafi’i Madhhab, having a child circumcised,

56. Not giving short measure and weight,

57. Having tawakkul,

58. A rich father’s marrying off his poor son.


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