With the guidance of Allâhu ta’âlâ I became a Muslim.
I decided to become a Muslim for the following reasons:
1) Islam infuses a very powerful spirit of fraternity.
2) Islam prearranges a solution for any sort of difficulty that a person is likely to encounter throughout his life. It has not separated religious matters from worldly events. Islam embodies not only spiritual values, but also social efficacies that would perfectly harmonize with today’s systems, such as uniting people together and encouraging them to perform their acts of worship in lines made up of people from all races and classes, to help the poor, and to cooperate for the solution of one another’s problems.
3) The Islamic religion trains both the soul and the body. In short, Islam is an immaculate embodiment of all spiritual and corporeal matters.

Islam’s fraternity rejects all sorts of discrimination, race, class, and else. Muslims throughout the world are one another’s brothers. There are many Muslims on the earth. Islam is the religion of common-sensed people. All the Muslims living on the earth, be they Indians, Pakistanis, Arabs, Afghans, Turks, Japanese, or Chinese, look on one another as brothers. For this reason, Islam is an international religion. Islam is the only means that could rectify the present time’s degenerated societies and correct their mistakes. Because it is a religion bestowed by Allâhu ta’âlâ, the variety of its Madhhabs makes it a religion to which people from all races and classes can adapt themselves.

The Islamic religion has played a very important role in the history of civilization, and has guided many a semi-barbarian nation to civilization. The Islamic religion aims at a peaceful and tranquil life for humanity. It has prescribed the rules whereby to attain happiness and peace. The rule-making policy followed by the other religions, such as Christianity and Buddhism, is quite the other way round. The commandments of these two religions are of a quality to, let alone unite, completely separate people from one another by infusing into them a feeling of a total isolation from the world. Most Buddhist temples are situated on the peaks of mountains that would defy an average climber to scale frequently. It is the outcome of a ‘fewer visitors the better’ policy.

A close examination of the Japanese religious credal systems will reveal a similar approach wherein the most excessive forms of isolation are essential. As for Christians; it would take no extra attention to observe that the more devoted Christians established their churches at remoter places. Inside them are as dark as possible. It dates only from some recent years that churches have been able to make their ways into urban areas. Predisposed with the belief that mankind is already sinful from birth, Christians consider the world only as a place where they should always suffer.

As it is seen, the main purport commonly shared by all religions is that religion is something that should be completely insulated from the normal proceedings of human life and that life in the world consists in suffering.

The happy contrast comes with Islam, which cherishes mankind as a born slave beloved to Allâhu ta’âlâ. Small mosques are built in the middle of villages, on cites most accessible to all the villagers. Their interiors are bright and airy. People feel pleasure in going there and performing their acts of worship there. They come together and perform their congregational prayers. After the prayers they invoke blessings on one another. They show friendly interest towards one another, and help one another if necessary. In Islam, helping people in need or, if helping is not possible, pleasing the concerned Muslims with a cordial smile and soft words, produces many blessings.

A person has a soul and a body. Allâhu ta’âlâ has given us both a soul and a body each. As long as we live, we have to train both the soul and the body, with different systems but without discriminating between them. Islam has taken into consideration not only man’s spiritual needs, but also his body, formulating extremely logical and heavenly principles for both of them.

I am a new Muslim. I accepted Islam two years ago. I am sure that Islam satisfies all my spiritual and physical needs. Japan’s technology is extremely advanced today. It has been coping with the entire world successfully. Owing to this scientific progress and material well-being, the Japanese people have changed entirely.

Japan is devoid of natural resources. All the raw materials are imported from abroad. But we can make more perfect and cheaper products than other countries. This success is due to continuous work and contentment with little. In the meantime, the Japanese people, who have had to work and exert themselves ceaselessly, have not had time for spiritual interests and activities, and consequently they have become like machines. The Japanese are now imitators of Europeans in their sheer materialistic pursuits. They have completely stripped themselves of all sorts of religious belief, and they are thoroughly devoid of spirituality. Today’s Japanese people are entirely satiated materialistically.

Their pockets are full of money. Yet their souls are becoming poorer and poorer, emptier and emptier. What could be the value of materialistic richness despite spiritual poverty? What benefit could the world reap from people clad in decorated garments but emptied of spiritual values?

In my opinion, this is the most propitious time for Islamic propaganda. For the Japanese, having reached perfection with respect to material well-being, are very much aware of the excrutiating abyss in their soul and are therefore urgently questing for a guide. There is only the Islamic religion to rescue them from this spiritual bankruptcy. For Islam will be their guide in this life as well. I am sure that a qualified Islamic propagation carried on by a serious and orderly organization in Japan would take no more than a couple of generations for the entire Japanese nation to become Muslims. And this, in turn, means an honorable far-east source wherefrom the entire humanity will benefit.



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