Muslims have become gharîb recently



This letter, written to Khân-i a’zâm, expresses regret over the situation Islam is in today and over the persecution which Muslims are suffering:

May Allâhu ta’âlâ increase your strength! May He help you in your struggles against the enemies of Islam in order to promulgate His religion. Mukhbir-i sâdiq[1] (Muhammad, ‘’alaihi wa ’alâ âlihi minassalawâti afdaluhâ wa minatteslîmâti akmaluhâ’ said, “Islam commenced in a gharîb and lonely state. During the latter times, it will relapse into its state of gharîb (lonely, forsaken, left alone) as it was when it commenced. How lucky for the Muslims who are gharîb and lonely!” During the time of the previous government (the time of Akbar Shah) Muslims were so gharîb that unbelievers used to slander Islam openly and make fun of Muslims. They used to express their irreligiousness and praise unbelievers and disbelief in bazaars and markets. It was forbidden for the Muslims to do [to say and write about] most of Allah’s commandments. Those who performed acts of worship and obeyed Islam were being censured and slandered.

Beauties hide away their cheeks, Satan is feigning reluctance;

So astonished I am, almost verging on craziness.

Subhânallah![2] O my Allah, gratitude be to Thee! It has been said, “Islam is protected under the shadow of the sword.” The brightness of this honourable religion has been delegated to leaders of governments. However, the situation was quite the other way round; the state and the government were trying to demolish Islam. Shame upon those days; we must regret and feel penitence over them! We deem your blessed existence as a great blessing from Allah. We do not know of any hero besides you who will, under his wings, protect Believers, who have been scattered under the attacks of the enemies of religion. May Allâhu ta’âlâ, for the sake of His beloved Prophet and His Ahl-i bayt[3] ‘’alaihi wa ’alaihimussalawâtu watteslîmât wattehiyyât walbarakât’, increase your strength! May He help you! It was stated in a hadîth: “Unless a person is said to be mad, his îmân will not be perfect!” At the present time, Junûn (madness), which is the symbol of love for Islam and Islamic zeal, appears in your pure soul. Gratitude be to Allâhu ta’âlâ, who has given this blessing! Today is such a day that a few actions [words or writings] will be immediately accepted and many rewards will be given for them. The reason why the Ashâb-i Kahf ‘rahmatullâhi ta’âlâ ’alaihim’[4] gained so much value and fame was only because they migrated. When the enemy attacks, a few actions by the cavalrymen become very valuable. In peacetime, very delicate or hard drills cannot receive as much value. The jihâd which you perform through words today is the greatest jihâd. Appreciate the value of this blessing which falls to your lot. Do your best to disgrace the enemies of religion [so that it be realized that the harâms are ugly and harmful and thus they must be avoided] and tell the truth. Believe that the Jihâd done with a preaching [and with the pen] is more profitable than the jihâd done with a sword [and cannon]. We people with hands not writing and tongues not speaking are deprived of this blessing.

Let those who’ve attained the blessing enjoy it;

Poor Lover! With a few drops, be sated.

I show you, to treasury this is the short cut,

You may reach it, even though we have not.

Khwâja-i Ahrâr [Ubeydullâh-i Tashkendî] ‘quddisa sirruh’ said: “If I became a shaikh, no other shaikh would find a murid (disciple) at any place. But I was assigned to do another task. This task is to spread Islam and strengthen this religion.” For this reason, he used to visit sultans [presidents, members of parliament] and give them advice. Through his persuasive words, he brought all of them round to the right course. Through them he spread Islam. Allâhu ta’âlâ, for the sake of your love and respect towards our superiors, has blessed your words with effectiveness and has represented your affection for the religion as majestic.

Then, at least, I request that you strive for the abolition of disbelievers’ customs [feasts, Christmas Eves, dances, balls, men and women’s coming and being together] that have spread among the Muslims and that have become their customs. I also request that you protect Muslim children against loathsome things of this sort that are peculiar to disbelievers. May Allâhu ta’âlâ give you plenty of rewards through us and through all Muslims. During the time of the previous government there was an unrestrained enmity against Islam. There is no such visible enmity, grudge or obstinacy now. There are some mistakes. Yet they are not because of obstinacy, but because they are not known. Today, Muslims, like disbelievers, can talk freely and have the freedom which disbelievers have. Let us pray and wake up lest disbelievers will win, lest the chronic grudge and enmity will bring harm upon us, and lest Muslims fall back into persecution and torment.

I’m shaking like a leaf for they attack my îmân.

May Allâhu ta’âlâ not let you and us deviate from the way of the Sayyid of Prophets (Muhammad) ‘’alaihi wa ’alâ âlihi-ssalawât’! Faqîr [this poor person-I myself] came here on an unexpected trip. I did not want to leave here without letting you know, without writing and leaving a few souvenirs, and without letting you know of the love I have had for you. Our Prophet ‘sall- Allâhu ’alaihi wa sallam’ stated: “If a person loves his Muslim brother, he should let him know!” I send my salâms to you and to all of those on the right path!

One look of a savant is a treasure hardly attainable;

One sohbat with him a library for years inexhaustible.

[1] He who always tells the truth.

[2] “I know Allah to be far from a defect or deficieny.”

[3] Immediate relatives of the Messenger of Allah: Hadrat Alî (his cousin

and son-in-law), Hadrat Fâtima (his daughter), Hadrat Hasan and

Huseyn (his grandsons).

[4] The seven persons who were in the cave of Tarsus. They attained high

grades by doing one beautiful deed. This deed was that when the

enemies of the religion invaded their land they migrated to another

place lest they would lose the îmân in their heart.


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