“O, Human Beings, Think Well!”


“O, Human Beings, Think Well!”

Billions of people have lived in this world. They have lived for a certain time period; after all, they have died. Some of them were rich, some were poor. Some of them were beautiful, some ugly. Some of them were cruel and some of them were kind. All of their characteristics are now non-existent and forgotten. Some were Believers – Muslims. others were disbelievers – kâfirs. All of them will either be non-existent eternally or after Doomsday those who do not believe will be tormented eternally. But there will be no torment for those who are Believers.

Disbelievers will experience an everlasting and extremely severe punishment. Those who will pass away as Believers are now at ease, and they are experiencing inner happiness. As for disbelievers, they are afraid of the prospects of burning in fire eternally.

O, human beings, think well! After a few years, you will be one of them. At that time, all of your life, activities and painstaking efforts will be an image or dream, as is the case with the years that have passed. Therefore, which party do you want to belong in? You cannot say that you do not want to belong to neither party. This is impossible. You will be among either one at any rate. Even if it is merely a probability, do you want to be burned eternally in a fire? 

Wisdom, knowledge, and science prevent the rejection of the existence of Allah and a belief regarding Paradise and Hell. Objective individuals are unable to assert that such things cannot happen. Those who do not believe are unable to show any documents or evidence supporting their rejection. However, the evidences that prove belief to be unavoidable are innumerable. World libraries are full of books which spell out these proofs. Deceived by their nafs and pleasures, they reject. They think of nothing except their pleasures. However, Islam does not prohibit pleasure itself. It prohibits the hazardous effects of certain pleasures.

Therefore, a person who has wisdom obtains his pleasure through the means shown by Allâhu ta'âlâ. He is adorned with the superior morality of Islam. He is helpful to everyone. He retaliates with goodness to those who act maliciously towards him. If he is unable to be benevolent at least, he should act with patience. He should not be destructive; he should be constructive. Thus, he will attain his pleasures, comfort and peace of mind. Besides, he will be spared the eternal torments of the next world.

It is a proven fact that to be a Muslim and to have îmân are prerequisite for peace of mind and happiness. To have îmân is very easy. It is not necessary to give money to a certain place, to dispense goods, to do hard work, to receive permission from someone. Additionally, it is not necessary to declare it openly and to inform someone about your îmân. Îmân consists of learning six things and believing in them through the heart in a secret way. The one who has îmân becomes submissive to Allâhu ta'âlâ's commandments. In other words, he willingly practices without any compulsion. Thus, he becomes a Muslim.


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