We Should Obey All The Commandments


It is essential in îmân to believe that it is necessary to do the commands of Allâhu ta’âlâ and to abstain from His prohibitions. One who believes most of the commandments but disbelieves only one of them and does not want to obey it will have disbelieved Muhammad (‘alaihi ‘s-salâm). He will become an unbeliever. Being a Muslim requires believing in all the commandments. If a Muslim, though he believes the commandments, disobeys them, e. g. does not perform salât out of laziness, or, following his bad friend or nafs, has alcoholic drinks, or, if a woman or girl goes out with her arms and /or head uncovered, he or she does not lose their îmân or become an unbeliever.

A person of this sort is a sinful, disobedient Muslim. If a person does not want to believe in even one of the commandments, that is, if he disapproves it, does not esteem it as a duty or slights it, he loses his îmân and becomes a murtad (renegade). Such statements as, “What if I do not perform salât and go out with a bare head? Living and doing favours to people have precedence over salât” mean to approve some of the commandments and disapprove others. Every Muslim must pay attention to this subtle point, and those who disobey the commandments must be vigilant lest they should lose their îmân. Neglecting the commandments is different from wishing not to obey them. These two should not be confused!


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