Resurrection Will Certainly Take Place


Question: Some people do not believe in Doomsday (Qiyamah). They say that everything is in this world. Could you provide information about it?
Hadrat Imam-i Rabbani declares:
There is the day when the world will end. That day will surely come. On that day, the skies will be torn into pieces; the stars will disperse; the earth and mountains will break into pieces and will be annihilated. The Qur’an al-karim communicates these facts. (Al-Muzzammil 14, Al-Infitar 1-5)

At the end of the world, after all creatures are annihilated, they will then be recreated, and everybody will be resurrected from his or her grave. Allahu ta’ala will resurrect the bones that have rotted and turned into dust. That day, a pair of scales will be set up; the account-books of all humans will fly to their owners, to the righteous ones from their right and to the evil ones from their left.

The bridge of Sirat, which is set over Hell, will be passed. The pious ones will pass over it and will go into Paradise, but those who are for Hell will fall down into Hell.

These things that we communicate are not impossible. Since the Mukhbir-i sadiq [the Truth Reporter, the Prophet] has declared them, we have to accept them and believe them instantly. We shouldn’t doubt about them by being fed on illusions. Allahu ta’ala declares “Take what my Messenger has brought!” That is, believe whatever he says! (Al-Hashr 7)

After settling accounts, disbelievers will go into Hell and will stay in Hell and be tormented eternally.

Believers will stay in Paradise and in the blessings of Paradise eternally.

Those Muslims whose sins are greater than their good deeds will possibly go into Hell, being tormented there for a while in return for their sins. Yet they will not remain in Hell eternally. A person with faith equaling a speck will not remain in Hell eternally. Being blessed with divine mercy, he or she will enter Paradise. (Vol. 3, Letter 17)

When will the end of the world take place?
Isn’t the exact time of the end of the world known for sure?
The time when it will happen has not been told. Instead, it was declared, “Only Allah knows it” (Al-A’raf 187, Al-Ahzab 63).

Only Allah knows it
Question: Some youths, performing arithmetic operations on the numbers in the Qur’anic verses, are foretelling the time when the Doomsday will take place. Was the exact time of Doomsday made known?
For years, many impious people who say such things have come on the scene. However, none of their sayings came true. And it is impossible for them to come true because Allahu ta’ala Himself declares that He did not let anybody know it. A person who claims to be able to learn it through calculations has belied Allahu ta’ala. The purport of several verses is as follows:

(They ask you [O My Messenger] when Doomsday will come to pass. Say: “Only My Lord knows it; none but He can reveal its time. That Hour, whose weight the heavens and the earth cannot bear, will come to you all of a sudden.” They ask you persistently as if you knew it. Say: “Its knowledge is with Allah alone, but most people do not know this fact.”) [Al-A’raf 187]

(People ask you about the time of Doomsday. Say: “The knowledge of it is only with Allah. What do you know? It may be that it is near.”) [Al-Ahzab 63]

(The knowledge of the time of Doomsday is with Allah alone. Without His knowledge, no fruit sprouts forth from its sheath, nor does a female conceive or give birth. On the day when He calls out to them, “Where are the partners you attributed to Me?” they will say, “We inform You of that there are not any witnesses among us regarding them.”) [Al-Fussilat 47]

(They ask you when Doomsday will come to pass. How can you know it [unless Allah informs you about it]? Only Allah knows it.) [An-Nazi’at 42-44]

As it is seen, only Allahu ta’ala knows when Doomsday will come. It will not come as long as a Muslim exists in the world. As a matter of fact, the purport of a hadith-i sharif is as follows:
(Doomsday will not come to pass as long as there is a person [a Muslim] on earth who says “Allah.”) [Muslim, Tirmidhi, Imam-i Ahmad]

Will everything be annihilated?
Will all creatures be annihilated on Doomsday?
Some savants said that seven things, namely the Arsh, the Kursi, the Lawh, the Pen, Paradise, Hell, the Ruh, will not be annihilated, and they will remain eternally. But these words of theirs do not mean that these cannot be annihilated. They mean that Allahu ta’ala will annihilate whichever He wishes of the things which He created and He will not annihilate some others which He wishes, for uses and reasons which He alone knows; these will eternally exist. (Vol. 3, Letter 57)


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