Shafâ’a (Intercession)


Shafâ’a (Intercession)

It must be believed that there will be shafâ’a (intercession). Prophets, Walîs, pious Muslims, angels and those who are allowed by Allah will intercede for the forgiveness of the venial and grave sins of those Muslims who die without having repented, and their intercession will be accepted. [Our Prophet ‘sall-Allâhu ta’âlâ ‘alaihi wa sallam’ declared, “I will make shafâ’a (intercession) for those who commit grave sins of my umma.” In the next world, shafâ’a will be of five sorts:

Firstly, the sinful, becoming tired of the crowd and of waiting so long at the place of Judgement, will wail and ask that the Judgement commence as soon as possible. There will be shafâ’a for this.
Secondly, there will be shafâ’a so that the questioning will be done easily and quickly.
Thirdly, there will be shafâ’a for the sinful Muslims so that they shall not fall off the Sirât into Hell and so that they shall be saved from Hell’s torture.
Fourthly, there will be shafâ’a for taking gravely sinful Muslims out of Hell.
Fifthly, there will be shafâ’a for the promotion of Muslims to a higher grade in the Paradise where, though there will be innumerable favours and an eternal stay, there will be eight grades and every person’s grade will be in proportion to the degree of his îmân and deeds.


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