Signs of love


For adapting oneself to Muhammad ‘’alaihis-salâtu wa-ssalâm’ completely and flawlessly, one needs to love him completely and without defect. The symptom of complete and perfect love is to bear hostility against his enemies, and to dislike those who dislike him. Love cannot include sloth. Lovers, being crazy about their darlings, cannot do anything against them. They cannot come to a mutual agreement with those who act against them. Love of two opposites cannot coexist in the same heart. To love one of two opposites entails enmity towards the other.
These worldly blessings are transient and deceitful. If they are yours today, they will be somebody else’s tomorrow. But those which will be obtained in the Hereafter are endless and will be earned in the world. If a few days’ life in this world is spent following Hadrat Muhammad, who is the most valuable man in this world and the next, one may hope for endless bliss, eternal salvation. Otherwise, unless one adapts oneself to him, everything turns into nothing. Every good deed and act of kindess done without following him will remain here and nothing will be obtained in the Hereafter.


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