The Group Which Will Be Saved From Hell


Hadrat Imâm-i Rabbânî says in the 67th letter of the second volume of his Maktûbât:

Our Prophet ‘sall-Allâhu alaihi wa sallam’ declared: “The Beni-Isrâil (Sons of Israel) parted into seventy-one groups. Seventy of these went to Hell and only one of them was saved. And the Nasârâ parted into seventy-two groups, seventy-one of which went to Hell and one was saved. After some time, my Ummat also will part into seventy-three groups. Seventy-two of these will go to Hell and one will be saved.” When asked by the Sahâba who were this one group, “The group which will be saved from Hell are those who follow my Sahâba’s way,” he said. [It is written in the translation of Milal-Nihal that this hadîth exists in the four books called Sunan.] The saved group is the Ahl as-sunnat wa ‘l-jamâ’at, who have held fast to the way of the best of mankind.
O our Allah! Do not make us digress from the îmân, from the belief communicated by the savants of the Ahl as-sunnat! Take us out of this world as we are together with them! Yâ Rabbî! Let us be together with them on the Day of Resurrection. After being guided into the true faith, do not let our hearts slip away from the right way and give us rahmat from Your High Kingdom. You are the greatest of those who give blessings.


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