There Is Nothing Contrary To Reason In Islam

In Islam there are many things reason cannot comprehend, but there is nothing contrary to reason. If knowledge of the next world, things which Allahu ta’âlâ likes or dislikes, and forms of worshipping Him were within the mind’s ability to understand, and if they could be ascertained through reason, there would be no need for sending thousands of Prophets. People would be able to see and find happiness in this and the next worlds by themselves, and, in this case, Allahu ta’âlâ would have sent Prophets in vain and unnecessarily (never!).

It is because reason cannot find or solve the knowledge pertaining to the next world, that Allahu ta’âlâ sent a Prophet to every part of the world in each century, and lastly, He sent Hadrat Muhammad as a Prophet for the whole world until the end of the world. All Prophets, instead of meddling in worldly affairs that are ascertained through reason, only commanded and encouraged their people to work in order to find them and get use from them, and they explained how each worldly affair can draw people to everlasting happiness or perdition. They also explained clearly the things which Allahu ta’âlâ liked and disliked.

A man of science who has thoroughly comprehended the rules of Islam and who has observed the short history of the scientific branches that form a basis for today’s civilization will clearly see that in the course of history no technical achievement, no scientific fact has ever stood against Islam, but all have always been compatible with it. How can they be at odds while it is Islam which commands us to observe nature, to study matter and energy, and to rely on reason in everything? Allahu ta’âlâ declares in many places in the Qur’ân al-kerîm, “Take lessons from your predecessors by observing their lives, the path they chose, and what happened to them. Observe the earth, the skies, the living, the lifeless and yourselves! Study the inner part, the essence of what you see. Find and see, understand My greatness, and the dominion which I have over all these!


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