Things To Happen On The Day Of Resurrection


Hadrat Imâm-i Rabbânî says in the 67th letter of the second volume of his Maktûbât:

All of what Hadrat Muhammad has informed about the Day of Resurrection is true. It is right and true that there will be torment in the grave, that the grave will squeeze the dead person; that two angels named Munkar and Nakîr will ask questions in the grave; that everything will be annihilated on Doomsday; that the sky will crack; that the stars will get out of their orbits and disperse; that the globe and its mountains will break into pieces; that all people will be resurrected from their graves and will assemble in the place of Mahshar, that is, souls will return to their bodies; that there will be an earthquake, fear, horror on Doomsday; that there will be questioning and accounting on the Resurrection; that hands, feet and limbs will bear witness to what has been done in the world; that record books of good and evil deeds will be revealed, and they will fly towards their owners from their right and left sides; and that good deeds and sins will be weighed on a pair of scales peculiar to the hereafter.

There, those whose thawâb (rewards which Muslims will be given in the Hereafter) weighs heavier will be saved from Hell, and those with little thawâb will suffer loss. The pair of scales there is an unknown one, and its weighing heavier or lighter is opposite to that of worldly scales. The scale which goes up is the heavier one and that which goes down is the lighter. [There is no earthly gravitation there.]

There, first the Prophets and then pious Muslims, that is, the Awliyâ, will, with Allah’s permission, intercede for those Believers with many sins. Our Prophet declared: “Of my Ummat, I will intercede for the ones with grave sins.” There is the Sirât Bridge over Hell. Believers will pass this bridge to go to Paradise. Disbelievers will slip and fall down into Hell.


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