Things To Be Observed


Things To Be Observed

Hadrat Muhammad Ma’thûm says in the 14th letter of the first volume of his Maktûbât: 

O my lucky, fortunate brother! Since you have been desiring to walk on the way of Allah’s beloved slaves, you should observe the conditions and adabs of the way! First of all, it is necessary to hold fast to the Sunnat-i saniyya and avoid bid’ats. For, these two are the essence of the way that makes one attain Allah’s love. You should adapt your deeds, words and moral qualities to the words and books of those pious slaves who know and love Islam. 19089738-Vector-of-traditional-Persian-Arabic-Turkish-Islamic-Pattern--Stock-VectorYou should be like the pious slaves and love them. Your sleeping, your eating, your talking should be temperate rather than excessive. You should strive to get up by the time of sahar [at the end of each night before imsâk]. You should know it as a great chance to say istighfâr, to weep, to beg Allâhu ta’âlâ at such times. You should long to keep company with the pious. Do not forget the saying: “One’s faith is like one’s friend’s faith!” Be it known that those who want the next world [endless bliss] should not be fond of mundane flavours.


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