Those Who Cause Loss Of Islamic Blessings

Those who cause loss of Islamic blessings are of two groups: In the first group are disbelievers who divulge their disbelief and hostility. They strive to demolish Islam by using all their armed forces, their means of propaganda, and political tricks. Muslims know them and struggle to be superior to them.

The second group of disbelievers refer to themselves as Muslims, pretend to be Muslims, introduce themselves as religious men and try to turn Islam into a shape conformable to their opinions, pleasures and sexual desires. They want to make up a new religion under the name of Islam. They try to prove their words correct through tricks and lies, and deceive Muslims with their fluent expressions. Yet, although most Muslims recognize these enemies from some of their statements and activities intended to destroy Islam, because they are very well organized, some of their sayings have become current and widespread among Muslims. The Islamic faith has been gradually degenerating and turning into the shape planned by these disbelievers.

Also, some others say, “In order that we may survive in the present century, we should be westernized ourselves altogether.” This statement has two connotations. Firstly, it means learning and adopting what the Europeans have invented in science, art, in the mediums of improvement and progress, and to strive to utilize them, as Islam commands.

As a matter of fact, a hadith of Rasûl-i akram (the Prophet) states: “Hikmat (that is science and art) is the lost property of the Muslims. Let him take it wherever he finds it!” Yet, this is not following the Europeans; it is finding and acquiring knowledge and science even from them and striving to be superior to them. The second type of westernization involves abandoning the righteous and sacred ways of our ancestors; accepting all the traditions, customs, immoralities, and obscenities of the West; and also accepting their irreligiousness and idolatry, and thus convert mosques into churches or museums of ancient art, which is the most dismal stupidity of all.

Calling Islam an “oriental religion,” a “backward religion” and the Qur’ân “laws of the desert” while at the same time referring to idolatry and the mixing of music with worship as “western, modern, and civilized religion” is in fact an act of abandoning Islam, turning to Christianity, and worshipping with musical instruments.


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