The Importance Of Fiqh


After the branches of knowledge of tafsîr, hadîth and kalâm, the most honoured branch of knowledge is fiqh. It brings more thawâb to study the knowledge of fiqh than to perform supererogatory prayers of namâz at night. And it brings more thawâb to learn it from a teacher than to study it alone. The following six hadîths are sufficient to indicate the honour in fiqh:

“When Allâhu ta’âlâ wishes to do a favour to a slave of His, He makes him a faqîh in religion.”

“If a person becomes a faqîh, Allâhu ta’âlâ sends the things which he longs for and his food by means unanticipated by him.”

“The person whom Allâhu ta’âlâ calls the highest is the one who is a faqîh in the Dîn. This hadîth alone would suffice to show the greatness of Imâm-i a’zâm.”

“Against the devil, one faqîh is stronger than a thousand ‘âbîds (those who worship much).”

“Everything is based upon a pillar. The basic pillar of the Dîn is the knowledge of fiqh.”

“The best, the most valuable act of worship is to learn and teach fiqh.”


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