Who does not feel death throes?


Question: Does everyone feel the throes of death?
The throes of death are more agonizing than all worldly pangs. Even if a disbeliever dies after taking sleeping pills or after his or her conscious sensation of pain is blocked through anesthesia, he or she experiences the pangs of death, which are excruciating. However, a pious Believer does not feel death throes even if bullets are pumped into him or her. It is declared in hadîth-i sharîfs:

(I swear by Allahu ta’âlâ that seeing the Angel of Death is more torturous than a thousand hacks with a sword. I swear by Allahu ta’âlâ again that the soul of a Believer does not leave his body unless his each and every vein suffers the throes of death.) [Abû Nu’aym]

(A martyr does not feel the throes of death.) [Bayhaqî]

(A martyr feels from the pain of being killed only as much as the bite of a flea.) [Nasâî]

Death throes are more painful than being shredded with a sword 70 times, but Allahu ta’âlâ does not let His dear slaves feel this pain. The agony of death is nothing compared to the torment in the grave. The torment in the grave is nothing compared to the torment at the Place of Gathering (Mah-shar). The torment at the Place of Gathering is nothing compared to the torment in Hell. A pious Believer does not experience the pain of death or the torment in the grave or hellfire. The Sirât is built over Hell. Everybody will cross Sirât Bridge. The purport of a hadîth-i sharîf is as follows:

(Everyone, good or evil, will cross [the Sirât built over Hell]. It will be cool and safe for only Believers, just as the fire became cool for Ibrâhîm ‘alaihis-salâm, so that Hell will yell out, “The light of a Believer is extinguishing my blaze.” After this, Allahu ta’âlâ will save people of piety, but He will leave the unjust there on their faces.) [Ibni Mâja]

A pious Believer sees Angels of Compassion and our master Rasûlullah at the time of death and thus does not feel death throes. It is not an astonishing thing. As a matter of fact, Egyptian women, being overcome with admiration for the beauty of Yûsuf ‘alaihis-salâm, forgot themselves so much so that they did not even realize that they cut their hands in their amazement.


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