To Demolish The Turks (Part 2)


This letter is so important that it should be rewritten in schoolbooks for students to memorize. The letter contains many warning lessons, of which the following two are the most important:

1- To accustom the Turks to foreign ideas and customs for demolishing their faith and dîn.
2- To complete the destruction in their construction without the Turks noticing it. And these goals can be achieved only by making the people imitate the West’s beliefs, fashions, customs, traditions and immoralities.

Certainly, it is necessary to adopt the West’s scientific and technical knowledge and its scientific improvements in every area. Islam commands this. A hadîth-i sherîf states that it is necessary to learn foreign languages. Zayd bin Thâbit ‘radiy-Allâhu ‘anh’ says, “Rasûlullah ‘sall-Allâhu ‘alaihi wa sallam’ commanded me to learn the Jewish language. I learned it. He used to have me write most of the letters which were to be sent to the Jews. He had me read the letters coming from them.” This report is written in detail in Tirmuzî. Thus, Zayd learned the Ibrânî (Hebrew) and Suryanî (Syriac) languages.

The great Islamic savant Sayyid Abdulhakîm Efendî used to say, “If I knew a foreign language, I could serve the entire world.” Nevertheless, he spoke Arabic and Persian perfectly. He regretted not knowing the European languages, and he was very sorry for it. He used to say, “It is a must to learn foreign languages in order to announce to the whole world the superiour qualities of the Islamic Religion, to inform everyone that it is a source of comfort and happiness, that it reflects light in the direction of civilization and progress in science and morals, and, in short, in order to serve Islam and the whole mankind.”


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