(’Umar Mita is a Japanese economist and thinker. Formerly, he conducted some research in social areas, entered on a career as a Buddhist priest and preached Buddhism for some time, and finally became a Muslim, dedicating all the rest of his life to Islamic publications.)

Hamd (thanks and praise) be to Allâhu ta’âlâ, I have been a Muslim for three years. I have attained a happy life. My Pakistani Muslim brothers taught me how a true and honest life should be. I met those Pakistani brothers of mine during their visit to Japan.

They told me about Islam, and thus caused me to become a Muslim. I owe them very much gratitude.

Most of the Japanese people are Buddhists. Yet they are so only in name, for they have little with Buddhism in practice.

They no longer attend the Buddhist rites, and they have forgotten their religious teachings almost entirely. The main reason lies in the fact that Buddhism is a conglomeration of very ambiguous and complicated philosophical abstractions and that it is of no worldly benefit to its votaries. Indeed, Buddhism would provide no help to an average-minded person against the various perplexing problems and new situations he would encounter daily. A person of medium mental capacity could not understand that religion, nor could he derive any benefit from it. Not so is the case with Islam. Islam is a simple, humanitarian and heavenly religion intelligible to everybody. This religion penetrates all the phases of human life and teaches Muslims how they should act in each of the so many various situations of life. Cleanliness is essential in Islam. Islam is the most perfect guide for people with pure souls.

Islam is so logical that the most ignorant person would understand its language. Unlike other religions, Islam does not contain a privileged priestly caste or a prototype of ecclesiastical monopoly.

In my opinion, Islam’s spread in Japan would be a very easy job. There could be some difficulties in the beginning. Yet these difficulties could be eliminated and the Japanese people would gradually embrace Islam. The first step is to introduce real Islam to the Japanese people. Day by day the Japanese people are becoming more and more materialistic. Yet they are not pleased about this, and they are aware of the vacuum in their souls. They should be taught that the Islamic religion is not only a source of spiritual information, but also a complete and perfect guide that will equip the human race with all the teachings they need in this worldly life.

As the second step, deeply learned true Muslims powerful enough to realize this Islamic publication are requisite in Japan.

Unfortunately, the students coming to Japan from various Muslim countries do not have the potency to carry out this important task.

When I made contact with them, I saw with deep distress that they were not knowledgeable about their own religion and that they did not obey their own religion. These people could not be our guides.

They were people who admired the western world, who had been given European education, and who had graduated from western colleges and church schools. They knew nothing of Islam.

All Muslims should give serious consideration to the matter of spreading the Islamic religion in Japan and, as I have stated earlier, true scholars should be sent to our country. These people coming in should be exemplary Muslims, not only in words, but also in manners and behaviours. We Japanese people are pining for peace, truth, honesty, sincerity and virtue. Day by day we are losing these beautiful qualities of ours. Islam is the only saviour to rescue us from the impending destruction. Muslims have belief in Allâhu ta’âlâ, who is great and one. Japanese people need this sort of belief.

Islam means ‘peace’. There is not another nation who long for peace as strongly as the Japanese people do. Attaining peace and tranquillity requires accepting Islam, which is ‘peace’ itself. Islam means living in peace and happiness with people and submission to the commandments of Allâhu ta’âlâ. Humanity will attain salvation from disasters and savageries only via Islam.



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