What are prohibited for a junub person?


Question: What are prohibited for a junub person?
A junub person can say the Basmala, prayers, dhikr (for example, saying Lâ ilaha ill-Allah), and salawât. Furthermore, such a person can also recite such âyats as the “Fâtiha” and “Rabbanâ âtinâ” with the intention of saying du’â. Simply, one cannot hold or read the Qur’ân al-karîm (it is not recited even by heart) and cannot enter a mosque. It is makrûh to shave the groin, to get a haircut, and to cut the nails. However, when a woman is menstruating, these are not makrûh.

Eating, drinking, or suckling a baby when you are junub
Is it permissible for a junub person to eat and drink something or to go out, or for a junub woman to suckle her baby?
It is permissible to eat and drink after washing the mouth. It is permissible to go out as well. A woman can suckle her baby after washing her breast. But a junub person must make ghusl before the namâz time is over. It is harâm [prohibited] to stay in the state of janâbat any longer. If people, no matter whether they practise namâzes or not, spend a prayer’s time junub, they will be tormented bitterly.

A junub person’s sweat and semen
After experiencing a nocturnal emission or having sexual intercourse, is it necessary to get changed and wash all those clothes? Can we perform namâz with clothes smeared with our sweat when we are junub?
The sweat of a junub person is not najs [religiously dirty]. You can perform namâz with those clothes.

Semen is considered najs in the Hanafî Madhhab, but it is clean in the other three madhhabs. However, according to a report in the Mâlikî Madhhab, it is considered najs, too.

People who have had a nocturnal emission do not have to change all their clothes. It suffices to wash only the place smeared with semen. If dried semen is rubbed off its place, that place becomes clean; you can perform namâz wearing it.

Janâbat and waswasas
When I become junub, I feel that anything I touch becomes impure. So I am deeply distressed. Is it a waswasa?
Yes, it is a waswasa. Wherever a junub person touches, it does not become impure.


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