What should be done to be a Muslim. The ‘Kalima-i-shahâdat’


Attaining endless bliss requires being a Muslim. To be a Muslim, no formality is necessary, such as going to a mufti or imâm. It is stated in the twelfth chapter of Maqâmât-i-Mazhâriyya: “It will be enough to say: ‘I believe Allâhu ta’âlâ and His Messenger and all the messages he (the Prophet) brought from Allâhu ta’âlâ. I love the friends of Allâhu ta’âlâ and His Messenger, and hate their enemies.’

It is scholars’ duty to prove every religious teaching with documents and to indicate the âyat-ikerîmas and hadîth-i-sherîfs that are its sources. Not every Muslim is encumbered with it.”

As is stated in Ibni ’Abidîn’s book, at the end of the chapter entitled “The disbeliever’s marriage”: [“It is not a condition for an old man who becomes a Muslim to be circumcised at once. Some scholars said that it is even permissible not to circumcise him since circumcision does not legitimize the exposing of one’s private parts.” It is written in the book al-Hadîqa and Berîqa that “Old or unhealthy men who become Muslims will not be circumcised if they can’t stand its pain.”

Doctor Najmuddîn Ârif bey (1343 [1925 A.D.]) says in his book Amelî Cerrâhî puslished in Istanbul: “The Jews circumcise their boys when they are seven days old, but Muslim boys are circumcised at any age. Many Christians in Europe and in the United States have  themselves and their boys circumcised thinking that it is good for their health. This is written also in the book Fann-i hitân by doctor Rızâ Nur Bey, who was a deputy of Sinop.”  


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