Why Were Muslims Made To Lag Behind? (Part 2)


Why Were Muslims Made To Lag Behind? (Part 2)

It is written in Qâmûs-ul-a’lâm, “The Andalusian Sultan Abdurrahmân III enlarged and fortified his country. He supported the Idrissîs, who were reigning in Morocco, against the Fâtimîs. He brought them under his control. He also built up a perfect fleet. He and his State officials were learned and had good Islamic manners. He valued savants and knowledge very much. For this reason, knowledge and science made great progress in Andalusia. His palace and the offices of the State each became a source of knowledge. Streams of people coming from every country gathered in Cordova in order to learn knowledge. He established a great and wonderful faculty of medicine in Qurtuba (Cordova). This was the first faculty of medicine established in Europe. European kings and State authorities came to Qurtuba for medical treatment, and they admired the civilization, the beautiful morals, and the hospitality which they saw there.

Then, those who rescued the human race from distress and calamity were not those states with corrupt beliefs and deeds, such as the Fâtimîs, Rasûlîs, or Wahhabis, who bore Islamic names, but instead they were those states which were sunnî and clung to the Sharî’at, such as the Umayyads, sons of Tîmûr, and the Ottomans. These states had shone a light on humanity with the religious and scientific branches of Islamic knowledge. But, it is a shame that later these people, too, began to slacken their hold of Islam. They martyred the Khalîfas. Many business institutions remained under the oppression of ignorant people of religion and Masonic henchmen. They gave up working as Allâhu ta’âlâ commanded. The enemies of Islam cancelled the scientific lessons in the madrasas so that Muslims would lag behind. Educating the men of religion without science, without knowledge, they began to demolish Islam from within. Knowledge and science having been cancelled, morals and manners as prescribed by Islam, bashfulness, and faith were corrupted. The empire collapsed. In truth, Islam commands experimental knowledge, science, arts and industry emphatically.

In these states also, as faith corrupted and loyalty to the Sharî’at diminished, for those reasons communicated by the experts of Islam, there developed a standstill and a recession. Eventually, they perished. As explained by the hadîth “Ash-shar’u tahtas-sayf,” the Islamic sun set, and the earth took on its present appearance.


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